Sunday, November 30, 2008

foodsex: spaghettini nests with tomato sauce, tofu, almonds, garlic and sesame seeds

Oh my god.

So, crazy busy times right now, and I figured I'd whip something up for my roommate and I to eat on the fly. One of those, what's in the fridge right now kinda things.

This is what I found.

Ingredients (for two servings):

1 can pizza sauce (49 cents.)
4 spaghettini nests (out of a package of a lot, I'd say total cost less than 50 cents, but probably way less) (yeh, you could use reg pasta of any kind, i just find it prettier this way.)
italian seasoning (like, 2 cents.)
chopped almonds (maybe a quarter? maybe.)
sesame seeds (again, maybe like a quarter.)
4 cloves garlic (like 10 cents.)
splash olive oil (like 10 cents? maybe.)
quarter package of italian tofu (reg tofu with garlic and herbs, reg would work just fine, though i'd probably marinate it) (pkg = 2$, so quarter package= 50 cents)

Put a pot of water on to boil. When it does, throw in the spaghettini. Meanwhile, throw the pizza sauce (if you only have marinara on hand, use that, but you'll need less, since the cans tend to be bigger), garlic, italian seasoning and olive oil on to simmer. Throw the tofu, diced into bite sized bits, which I like to cut into triangles instead of squares, it makes them more appealing, especially if you're serving meat eaters.) When the pasta's ready (about 5 min), the sauce should be done simmering, and the tofu heated through.

Try and maintain the shape of the spaghettini nests, or pile whatever other pasta you picked on a plate, 1 nest for a sidedish, 2 or three for a main course. Put the tofu chunks on the pasta, and top with the remainder of the sauce. Throw more italian seasoning, almonds, sesame seeds and salt to taste. I like to garnish with parsely, but I'm a weirdo and take pictures of my food.

Then try not to eat it all in one breath. It's that effin good.

(2.20 for two servings, or four sidedishes.)

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